Secretariat’s Meadow hit #4 on Amazon

Big news for our Barnstorming Book Tour!

Today Secretariat’s Meadow hit #4 on Amazon’s list of new releases in sports books!  Our book team was thrilled.  I started firing off emails to everyone, crowing about the news.  I posted it on our Secretariat’s Meadow Facebook page,  my personal Facebook page and my LinkedIn page.  Then I sat back and basked in the glory of the moment.

The moment was short-lived.  The rankings are updated HOURLY.  Next time I checked the Amazon new release rankings page we had dropped down to 8th place in the individual sports category. I didn’t realize these rankings are like the stock market.  They go up and down all day!

So now I have yet another reason to obsess about our online presence.   Today, the publishing industry says that 66 percent of books are  sold online.  We have Secretariat’s Meadow not only on Amazon, but on Barnes & Noble and Borders as well. I just need to figure out how to keep up with all these online bookseller pages, our Book page,  our website, Facebook, our Blog Talk Radio program, this blog, and  oh yeah, do some real writing and my client work.  And I’m not even attempting Twitter, which many publishing industry experts say is THE social media tool for authors to market their work.

But  for now, I just have to check our Amazon ranking one more time before I call it a day!

At 11:45 pm….#5 and holding!

Leeanne Meadows Ladin

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