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Little Red

Little Red

2010 -

This great-great grandson of Big Red was born on March 29, 2010 in Ocala, Florida,  one day before Secretariat’s birthday of March 30.  His dam, Beautiful Wonder, has Secretariat on both the top and bottom of her pedigree. Despite his illustrious bloodline, Little Red was relinquished to a local rescue group due to an umbilical hernia that his owner could not afford to have treated. Eventually, Kateri Nelson, who lived over 1800 miles away in Golden, Colorado heard about a beautiful chestnut colt up for adoption. Born in Montreal, she felt a special connection to this descendant of Secretariat, due to the French-Canadians, jockey Ron Turcotte and trainer Lucien Laurin, who were such an integral part of his success. Kateri’s husband Dean secretly arranged to adopt Little Red and have him shipped across country to their ranch. The colt was greeted with open arms by Kateri and soon thereafter, his first taste of snow! Today Little Red continues to blossom in both personality and physical size.  Kateri says the vet expects him to reach 16.2 or 16.3 hands. The little colt who got off to a rocky start in life now can look forward to a happy future with his loving family in the Rockies of Colorado.