Sunday, March 17, 2024

Dear Fans of Secretariat,

We, the children of Penny Chenery, wish to announce that after years of working together, we have parted ways with Mr. Lusky and Commemorative Derby Promotions, Inc. (“CDP”). We wish to reassure all our devoted fans that we take seriously our role as proud stewards of the legacy of Secretariat, arguably the greatest racehorse of all time.  We believe, as you do, that Secretariat stands for not only excellence in equine athletics, but also integrity and a nobility of spirit that transcends all human failings and divisions. We consider it a privilege be part of his story.

We realize that you, Secretariat’s devoted fans, have been integral to maintaining his legacy and we will continue to create opportunities to celebrate Secretariat through national events like the Secretariat Festival, Secretariat Day, and the Vox Populi award.  We are designing and producing new merchandise at this very moment. The Secretariat Foundation will continue to raise and disburse money to important charities. In addition, we are excited to seek new ways to tell Secretariat’s story to a new generation. Please stay tuned to Secretariat’s Meadow for more information and a link to our new website, coming soon!

Note regarding merchandise: As of December 31, 2023, CDP’s trademark license has expired.  Neither Mr. Lusky or CDP are any longer licensed to use the Secretariat trademark for any purpose, including the Secretariat.com website or to represent the Secretariat Foundation or the family in any way. Nevertheless, Mr. Lusky is being provided 90 days in which he can use the Secretariat trademark to sell his remaining merchandise, up through March 30, so please do not hesitate to purchase whatever he is offering on-line up until that time.

We hope to see many of you on March 30, 2024, in Ashland, Virginia as we celebrate the installation of Jocelyn Russell’s monumental bronze “Secretariat – Racing Into History #2/2.” We appreciate your continued support and look forward to sharing your ongoing affection for our inimitable Secretariat!

Kate Chenery Tweedy, on behalf of the Chenery-Tweedy Family.